• The design-build services are specifically developed to provide a comprehensive and straightforward transition from the design stages to construction. Mainly offered to private residential projects or to small scale developments, we provide a single source of responsibility from project conception until occupancy. Design/build services also allow us to reach high standards of quality and detailing that were difficult to achieve in the typical architect/contractor relationship. The design-build team works on the basis of unification of design and construction and the implementation of virtual building modeling technologies to deliver project with greater control, faster and with higher quality and precision.


  • We have a dedicated department for the production of specialised fit-outs, bespoke furniture and exclusive materials working in the areas of carpentry, upholstery, metal and stone production. While most of our pieces are produced in selected workshops in Spain, we also source and commission pieces internationally. We execute an exhaustive quality control in every item to guarantee perfection and impeccable level of finishing. Before any piece is delivered to the site we fully ensemble them to ensure that each piece is faultless when it’s delivered at its destination.

Naverlabs AKI product


  • Wherever your project is located, we are committed to building it with the highest standards. We take care of all our project logistics, arranging local and international suppliers and contractors, and flying international specialists when required.

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